Welcome to Awesome Rooms!

MEG at Door CroppedWhen you walk through your front door, are you greeted by the peaceful feeling of entering your welcoming retreat?

Or are you wading through mis-matched decor and too much clutter that you feel overwhelmed and anxious?

We feel comfortable and cozy in our home when it’s appealing and well-organized. Our stress level drops to calm. But, most times our crazy schedules and commitments prevent us from creating this great-feeling place.

Everyone can use a little help, and that’s why I created Awesome Rooms LLC, professional interior  home decorating, organizing, an dreal estate staging.

Bring beauty and order to yourspace!

Whether it’s a large house, a tiny apartment, or professional office space, I will make you fall in love with your space all over again. Awesome Rooms creates interior designs, organizing solutions, and real estate staging showstoppers to meet your style, needs, and budget. When we are done, your space will be a more attractive and useful place to be.  We will transform your space into rooms that are awesome!

You have waited long enough. So, lets get started…

Learn more about our decorating and design services Organize your space, increase efficiency and relieve stress Professional Home Staging Services help homes sell faster and often for more

Maria Elena Grant can speak at your organization’s meeting on a variety of topics. Click here to email me for more information.