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Sarcona Family Room


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Yes, you can afford an interior designer!

It’s amazing how much money, time, and energy is wasted on the wrong look, color or décor when there’s a lack of design know-how. I’ll take the time to get to know you and what your desires and goals are for your ideal living space. The custom design I create is just for you  and wouldn’t look like anyone else’s.

Here are just a few examples of how I can help you:

  • Color Selection
  • Re-Decorating
  • Furniture Layouts
  • Picture Arranging
  • Window Treatments
  • Room Makeovers
  • Front Door Designs
  • Table Scapesr

Here are just 2 true stories. Does either one sound like you?

Out with “Builders Beige”

Jason had lived in his house for over 15 years. All that time the entire house was painted the dull color known as “builder’s beige”, because he was so overwhelmed by all the color choices available.

Awesome Rooms went to his house and took a look at how the light naturally entered. Then we had a short discussion on his favorite color palette and a look at his most treasured possessions. In less than an hour, our choices of the colors on the walls were bursting with potential.

Keep the Old and Bring in the New Too

Kayla and Adin knew they needed some new furniture but didn’t know how to purchase pieces that went with the furniture that they wanted to keep. Awesome Rooms selected a few new, eclectic pieces for them. Then we rearranged furniture layout. The old and the new blended so well, it made a true style statement that was distinctly theirs.

DSC_2394       Sarcona LR Window wFurn